​7./8. März 2020

Conscious relationships

re-awaken the flame of Love

in your life. Come be supported

in creating conscious relationship,

enhanced by loving communication

and delicious sexuality. Reignite

your relationship’s spark, go deeper

into your empowerment and authenticity.


This weekend will facilitate for you to explore what stops you from loving fully and renew your commitment to love. Give yourself the chance to find greater insight and freedom from patterns that are holding you back from having great heart-felt intimacy.

Open to new levels of sex and fabulous connection. Find illumination on dynamics that are stuck and heal your relationship choices.


A weekend workshop of exploring authentic relating, loving communication: the heart centered ways of women and men, who choose to live in a mutually supportive, peaceful, honest and honoring manner together. We will create sacred space for you to encounter the dynamic of your inner feminine and masculine and open to the flow of presence and surrender.


Working with expression of shadow archetypes of the wheel of Rhiannon, this quest moves through the conscious and unconscious houses of our psyche. Entering the dance and integration of inner masculine and feminine, which brings the possibility of transformation and forgiveness. By integrating the dance of apparent opposites, we aim to end the inner war of violence and become the walkers of the Path of Love, manifesting in all we do and are. We’ll become more loving towards ourselves and in our relationships.


Workshop for men and women (individually or as a couple)  with heart opening movement meditation, empowering breath work, sharing and shadow hunting relationship patterns, cleansing preparation process and powerful forgiveness ceremony.

Conscious Relating - Erwecke die Flamme der Liebe neu

Workshop mit Katinka Soetens (UK)        in English - mit deutscher Übersetzung

Der Workshop kann sowohl individuell/alleine/single als auch als Paar besucht werden


Bewusste Beziehungen erwecken die

Flamme der Liebe in deinem Leben neu.

Komm und lass dich dabei unterstützen,

Beziehung in Bewußtheit zu erschaffen:

mit liebevoller Kommunikation und

tief-erfüllender Sexualität. 

Entfache den Funken deiner Beziehung neu,

vertiefe deine Kraft und Authentizität.

Dieses Wochenende wird dich darin unterstützen, zu erforschen, was dich davon abhält, vollständig zu lieben und deine Hingabe zur Liebe zu erneuern. Eine Gelegenheit, mehr Einblick in und Freiheit von Mustern zu finden, die dich daran hindern, mit dem Herzen fühlende Intimität zu leben.


Öffne dich für neue Tiefen von Sexualität und Verbindung.

Finde heraus, wo du dich in festgefahrenen Dynamiken befindest und heile die Art, wie du deine Beziehungen wählst.

Ein Workshop zur Erforschung authentischer Beziehungen und liebevoller Kommunikation zwischen Frauen und Männern, die sich mit dem Herzen dafür entscheiden, unterstützend, friedlich, ehrlich und einander ehrend zu leben. Wir werden einen heiligen Raum schaffen, in dem du der Dynamik deines inneren Weiblichen inneren Männlichen begegnen kannst, in Präsenz und Hingabe.

Wir arbeiten mit Schatten-Qualitäten der Archetypen, den bewußten und unbewußten Anteilen in unserer Psyche.

Die Integration der eigenen inneren männlichen und weiblichen Aspekte ermöglicht Transformation und Vergebung zwischen den Geschlechtern. Indem wir die scheinbaren Gegensätze integrieren, beginnen wir damit, Gewalt und Verletzung zu beenden und die Wege der Liebe zu leben: für uns selber und in unseren Beziehungen.


Dieser Workshop ist für Männer und Frauen - er kann einzeln oder als Paar besucht werden.  Es wird herzöffnende Bewegungsmeditationen geben, kraftvolle Atemarbeit, Schattenarbeit zu Beziehungsmustern, Reinigunsprozesse und eine kraftvolle Vergebungs-Zeremonie 


About Katinka:


Katinka Soetens is a Priestess of Avalon and a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon. She works internationally, teaching empowerment through Goddess ceremonies, trainings and workshops to honour the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of the European lands.

She is a ceremonialist and international movement meditation workshop teacher, course facilitator and healer with 25 years experience. Katinka is director and creator of Her Path of Love ltd, as well as the Modern Magdalene Mystery School, which brings Sacred Sexuality teachings and trainings to many countries.

As Sacred Sexual Priestess she facilitates healing of the wounding between the masculine and feminine through embodying sacred intimacy in workshops, trainings and individual and couple sessions. Katinka runs the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon training for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple as well as a year long men’s soul quest journey: Brotherhood of Rhiannon, Path of the Lover. Particularly interested in the sacredness of love, the wisdom of the body and the healing power of initiation, forgiveness and opening the heart; Katinka is a Priestess of the Goddess and sexual healer.


Working with sacred intimacy, fertility and body wisdom, healing, forgiveness and celebration, she is a doula, natural active birth worker, dancer, tantric massage therapist, shadow huntress, and teacher of the sacred mysteries. She brings her life path wisdom, which has benefited from the meetings with many people, places and cultures, to all that she does.

See www.herpathoflove.com and www.magdalenmysteryschool.com


The workshop will be held in English - mit deutscher Übersetzung

Early bird until 15 February : 220 €

Full price after 15 February : 260 €

Einzelsessions mit Katinka sind am Freitag oder Montag davor/danach möglich:

Shadowhunting/talking or energy work:

More: www.herpathoflove.com/one-to-one-sessions/


Tantric bodywork/tantric massage therapy session for men:

„Tantric massage therapy is a sacred healing practice based on ancient techniques and wisdom, combined with therapeutic and bodywork methods of many traditions, and redefined for our age and time.

It works with the life/sexual energy of the whole body, honouring the entire being, awakening the senses, releasing blocked energy and bringing greater joy, eroticism, sensitivity, expansion and aliveness to all the levels of your being.

The sessions work in many ways, on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual plane and involve body work, breath and tantric meditations, intimacy coaching, conscious touch, shamanic healing and embodiment of Goddess.

It expands you into states of ecstatic bliss and allows you to relax into a state of orgasmic trance, where your whole body is experienced as erotic. It helps men to experience orgasmic energy and multi-orgasmic waves, kundalini or life force in their body and assists surrender into a state of bliss.“

More: www. herpathoflove.com/one-to-one-sessions/tantric-therapy-men/



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